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Swallow's nest extract


Swallow's nest extract is a valuable component that is often found in Korean cosmetics. It is added to cleansers, toners, serums, creams, face masks and eye patches. But what is this unusual ingredient?

Let's reveal the secret. Asian salangan swallows are not like ordinary birds. To build their nests, they also use the natural materials available to them, but the difference is that these materials are of marine origin. They collect small shells, small molluscs, fish eggs, algae, and stick it all together tightly with their own saliva. Such nests are fraught with great benefits of nature.

It is worth noting that for cosmetics with a swallow's nest, special bird farms are created so that the birds live in comfortable conditions and do not suffer from human.

What are the properties of swallow nests for our skin?

✨ Improves blood circulation, activates the natural production of elastin and collagen

✨Restores the water-oil balance of the skin: nourish and saturate with moisture

✨Has a tightening and firming effect, improves the elasticity of the epidermis, helps maintain the oval of the face

✨Smoothes out wrinkles and reduces the severity of facial wrinkles, slows down the formation of new creases

✨Returns a healthy color and tone to gray and tired skin.

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