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What is enzyme powder?

Was ist Enzympulver?

Enzyme powder is a skincare product that allows you to effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin. At the same time, the powder makes the process much more delicate and softer than many peels, scrubs or foams.

How Does Enzyme Powder Work?

Enzyme powder is based on enzymes - natural protein compounds that accelerate chemical reactions in living tissues. Once on the skin, enzymes actively dissolve impurities and excess sebum that clog pores, as well as dead cells that make the skin look dull. Due to the fact that the enzyme powder does not mechanically erase the top layer, but dissolves it, the cleansing takes place as gently as possible. The product looks like a powder without fragrances and coarse particles.

How to use enzyme powder?

• As a cleansing milk. Pour a little powder into the palm of your hand, mix with water until foam forms and cleanse the skin with massaging movements.

• Like a gentle scrub. This method is suitable to exfoliate the skin even better. Simply apply undiluted powder to damp skin, massage gently and rinse with water. At the same time, it is important to remove the foam from the face well, otherwise, the enzymes will go deep to young healthy skin cells. Nothing critical will happen, but it is better not to provoke unnecessary irritation and wash off the product well.

Some powders should be applied 1-2 times a week to avoid over-exposure to skin cells. Therefore, carefully read the instructions on the package.

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