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A personal note


My name is Evlampia and I am the Gentle Skin Beauty Bar owner. Besides this internet shop I am married and mother of an 11 year old daughter.

My hobbies have a lot to do with art - I love reading books and have read tons of them!

I studied music and dance and my profession is ballet and modern dance teacher and dancer.

I recently turned 42 and a wish I had had finally come true! This is where the story of Gentle Skin Beauty Bar began.

Beauty, fashion, makeup, and style have always fascinated me. The concepts of beauty, aesthetics and art have always intersected in my life. So my cosmetics business is literally a dream come true!

Why K Beauty? I love Korean Beauty and what really sets it apart from other beauty concepts is the philosophy behind it. Admittedly, it's a trend, but I've found that it's more than that. It's a routine and a regimen. Follow the steps and you will see your skin transform before your eyes, day after day, application after application!

What I love about K Beauty is that even a simple makeup puts the spotlight on the whole face! The skin is radiant, the epidermis looks shiny, young, and clean! The pores become elastic and the dirt that seems to have been there for ages washes away with every application! On a personal note, i like to do things that i am passionate about, and so it was no biggy that i realized i would like to take my passion for clean and simple beauty and transform it into a profession.

The products in my shop are carefully curated, these are the beauty trends I use on my skin and i know you will find skincare products that are meant for your skin type and will help handle your individual problem. So, have fun shopping and above all,

Be radiant!