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Fall Skin Care Tips

With the onset of autumn, we advise you to change not only your clothes, but also your skin care. This is necessary to make it easier for the skin to cope with changing weather conditions, because weather conditions greatly affect our skin.

1. Repair your skin with Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps repair summer skin damage such as fine lines and hyperpigmentation. It has brightening effect and gives you an even tone and beautiful glow.

2. Time to think more about moisturizing

With colder weather we get dry skin. You can choose a richer moisturizer and layer your moisture with hyaluronic acid serum.

3. Great time to exfoliate

This step helps the skin better prepare for hydration, which can penetrate deeper into the cells.

4. Retinol is back

In summer a lot of people prefer to stop using retinol as it increases sensitivity to the sun, so now it’s time to bring it back. It helps with a lot of skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles and pigmentation.

5. Don’t put aside your SPF

Many people think that SPF is a summer option, but in the fall the rays are also active, even if we don’t see them and it’s cloudy outside, they still penetrate the clouds and have an adverse effect on our skin.