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About us

Hi there,
My name is Evlampia and I am the owner of Gentle Skin Beauty Bar. My pronouns are she/her and besides this e-shop I am married and mother of an 11 year old daughter.

My hobbies have a lot to do with art - I love reading books and have read tons of them!
I studied music and dance and my profession is ballet and modern dance teacher and dancer.

I recently turned 42 and a wish I had had finally come true! And so the story of Gentle Skin Beauty Bar began...

Beauty, fashion, makeup and style have always fascinated me. The concepts of beauty, aesthetics and art have always intersected in my life. So my cosmetics business is literally a dream coming true for me!

Why K Beauty? I love Korean Beauty and what really sets it apart from other beauty concepts is the philosophy behind it. Admittedly, it's a trend, but I've found that it's more than that. It's a routine and a regime. Follow the steps and you will see your skin transform infront of your eyes, day after day, application after application!

What I love about K Beauty is the fact that even a simple make-up puts the face on the right spotlight! The skin is radiant, the epidermis looks shiny, full and clean! The pores become elastic and the dirt that seems to have been in there for ages, washes away every time I use my skincare!

So what do I do? First of all, I do my routine daily.

1. Using a product that contains oli such as that

Make-up Remover

I clean up my face from any make-up, mascara, rouge etc.etc.

2. Then I use a foam cleanser such as this one

Cleansing Foam

creating a lather to clean off residual dirt.

3. As a third step of my daily routine I used a tonersuch as this one


It eves up my skin, nourishes it and makes it plump and healthy.

4. Now its time for a good hydration. Currently I amusing that

Face creme

What I love about it is the watery creaminess. I love that!

5. Then I use a good sunscreen. This step should not beavoided as it helps the skin remain free of harmful sun rays effects. Use any of these


6. Two times per week I exfoliate. Currently I use this product


I do this step after washing my face and before I put toner.

7. Two times per week I put a sheet mask on my face. Although sheet masks are not a popular part of a European’s weekly skincare routine, I have come to witness their effects on my skin and have come to understand why they should be used regularly.


are an excellent way to help the epidermis by providing a boost ofa specific ingredient. Many masks handle different aspects of skin situationsand that is why there can be a variety of masks in a woman’s drawer.

8. Do not forget the eye patches!

Eyen patches
This product is amazing, so gentle on my skin !

9. While I used eye patches at the same time I do a treatmenton my face, such as a clay mask which you will find here:

Facial treatment

I use eye patches and any treatment once per week.

I hope this helped you establish your own skincare ritual.

So there you have my routine and regime. It is a great time to touch base with myself and do something that I like. And as I wash the day off my skin so does my every day problems…

Kind regards

Evlampia Logou
Gentle Skin Beauty Bar

Riethofstrasse 8
8152 Glattbrugg


Available Monday through Friday from 10:00AM to 6PM