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INBETWEEN Glow Priming Cream

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Blithe's Instant Glowing Cream gives any skin type an on-demand glow and healthy glow while providing a flawless, soft finish that helps makeup stay in place all day. A cocktail of glycerin, niacinamide and squalane for an all-day glow!


Blithe introduces the renewed and improved products of the INBETWEEN line, the Tone Up-and Glow Priming Cream! The concept of a multitasking product remains the same, but new technologies have made it possible to innovate and improve the effectiveness and functionality of our primer creams.

Inbetween Glow Priming Cream is a transformative priming cream that smoothes the skin and provides an instant glow effect for vibrant and radiant skin. Primer and Moisturizer ALL-IN-ONE Blithe Priming Creams prep the skin before makeup by creating a base layer on the skin that has both a priming and moisturizing effect. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and helps to improve cosmetic colors while leaving the skin looking healthy and fresh throughout the day.

Volume: 30ml