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Face Wash Foam Maker blue

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Is it difficult to lather your face foam?

Get the maximum potential out of your face wash with our Face Wash Foam Maker! The rich and detailed foam can penetrate deep into the pores and easily remove dirt on the skin of the face.

The use of foam is advantageous because it can be easily washed off. Absolutely no residue! Compared to applying the facial products directly on your face, lathering is better because you can use the foam properly.

It's really easy to use! A unique pressure system that results in a thick foam. With just one squeeze, your foamy face wash is ready to be applied to your face!

All you have to do is add the foaming emulsion, add some water, dilute and shake! After squeezing, you get a rich foam for efficient facial cleansing.

But not only that! The amazing benefits of this foam maker are endless. Any foamable substance, such as facial cleanser, shower gel, hand lotion, dish soap, shampoo, etc. is poured into a cup, poured into clean water and squeezed to become foam!

Now you can leverage your skincare routine and save more money by using an efficient foaming mechanism.