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5 Step Set Collagen for Deep Moisture

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This set is here to deeply hydrate your skin by combining the elasticity and strength found naturally in collagen.It's a comprehensive 5-step skincare routine designed to give your skin everything it needs.


Step 1

DOUBLE CLEANSING – Farm Stay Collagen Water Full Moist Deep Cleansing Foam
Use the deep cleansing foam with marine collagen and 6 plant extracts to free your skin from make-up residues and pore impurities. This cleanser creates a moisturizing layer that leaves skin hydrated and fresh without feeling tight after cleansingRecommended use 1. Clean the product by gently rolling it 2. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 2

PEELING - Farm Stay Collagen Water Full Moist Peeling Gel
This exfoliating gel contains clean marine collagen that gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells without tightening your skin after cleansing.

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Controls sebum
  • Eliminates blackheads
  • Long-lasting moisturizing care
  • Prevents skin damage
  • Elasticityb
  • Brightening

Step 3

MOISTURE - Farm Stay Collagen Water Full Moist Emulsion
This collagen emulsion improves the skin's elasticity and moisture levels with hydrolyzed collagen and various flower extracts for rough and dry skin.

Brightening & wrinkle improvement

Natural ingredients
Long-lasting moisturizing effect
Prevents skin damage
Improves skin elasticity

Effect: This product brightens the complexion and reduces wrinkles.

Recommended use

Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly to the entire face. Pat in gently to absorb.

Step 4

LIP CARE - Farm Stay Collagen Lip Balm
Extremely moisturizing lip essenceFor all lip typesWith shea butter to moisturize dry lips and collagen to make them elastic and revitalized. Because shea butter is included without reapplying, the moisturizing effect lasts longer with less stickiness. Helps form a natural moisture barrier on dried lips, improving moisture retention and naturally hydrating lips.

Step 5 - DAY MASK - !!! FOR FREE!!!
Farm Stay - Visible Difference Birds Nest Aqua Mask Pack
Visible Difference Birds Nest Aqua Mask Pack is a day mask with salangane nest extract that effectively moisturizes and firms your skin without getting sticky.