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Intense Moisture and Brightening Set

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This is a 4-step formula for glowing and hydrated skin that starts with a gentle exfoliation. It is a complete set to combat hyperpigmentation and pigmentation spots, deeply nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Thanks to its unique and natural ingredients, this set is suitable for all skin types including mature and sallow skin, revitalizes cells and regenerates the deep layers of the epidermis.

1). GENTLE PEELING Apricot Blossom Peeling Gel is a gommage peeling (scrub) that uses natural plant extracts to gently exfoliate the skin. This gentle exfoliation is a must to remove dead skin cells and promote clear and radiant skin. The non-irritating formula is packed with plant-based cellulose to help shed impurities from the skin.

2). SERUM The Glow Serum Propolis + Niacinamide is a honey-like serum infused with the ingredients of the traditional Korean herbal medicine Hanbang to fight acne and shrink pores.With 60% propolis extract and 2% niacinamide, it helps control sebum secretion and keeps skin moisturized. An additional effect of niacinamide is to lighten the skin by penetrating deep into its layers. Propolis can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the skin. Its combined properties can help keep your skin acne and blemish free. As a natural sealant, propolis can also help the skin retain more moisture for a healthier, more vibrant complexion.

3). MOISTURIZING CREAM The Dynasty Cream is a daily moisturizing cream enriched with nourishing Hanbang ingredients of traditional Korean herbal medicine, such as ginseng, honey, centella asiatica extract. This moisturizer also contains shea butter and ceramides, which are very important for the care and protection of our skin barrier. In addition, this day cream contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid, honey extract and pure ceramides and thus has a nourishing, deeply moisturizing and brightening effect.

4). SUN PROTECTION Relief Sun : Rice + Probiotics SPF50+ PA++++ is a sunscreen that can be applied gently to the skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin types thanks to the skin-soothing and brightening ingredients. The bestselling sunscreen can be worn all year round for a beautiful and even complexion.