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4 Tier Set Bulgarian Rose

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This intensive hydration kit contains Bulgarian rose water as the main ingredient. Bulgarian rose water has many healing and extremely beneficial properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help you reduce redness of irritated skin, relieve acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Deep skin care in four easy steps.

1). ALL CLEAN WHITE CLAY FOAM delivers a special deep cleansing with the exclusive ingredients kaolin (white clay from the Amazon), hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and citrus herb oils. Kaolin cleanses the skin by pulling out dirt and oils trapped in the pores, while coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes. The 10 different types of natural herbal oils not only refresh and revitalize the skin, but also remove toxins.

2). SERUM Heimish's Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum is a fine spray serum that promotes moisture and elasticity. It's a fresh rose water spray in a serum.Can be used any time of the day to give your skin extra moisture and a healthy glow. Provides instant nourishment and hydration. Possesses a skin care function and spreads evenly on your skin to provide moisture and nutrition. 

3). MOISTURIZING CREAM Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin CreamA cream with Rosy Satin Complex helps to exchange dead skin cells to nourish those fine layers that are losing their firmness while removing unnecessary dead skin cells. Fine layers of skin in a dense and even form make the skin look healthy and radiant, giving it a transparent glow.Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream is a rich, silky moisturizer that deeply nourishes and hydrates dry, dull skin while continually repairing it from damage caused by pollutants and UV rays.

4). EYE CARE Heimish Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel Eye PatchThe unique, highly elastic hydrogel material allows the essence to be fully absorbed into the skin for maximum benefit. Can be used wherever the skin needs extra care, such as B. Forehead and cheeks.Tired eyes? Dark Rings? These multifunctional eye patches improve dark circles under the eyes and keep sensitive skin firm and elastic.

The entire set is ✔️ Vegan✔️ Cruelty Free✔️ EWG Green Grade✔️ Natural