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Combination skincare tips

💆🏼‍♀️Combination skin type is the most common. But not everyone knows how to properly care for such skin.Caring for combination skin is, by definition, a little more difficult than caring for dry or oily skin. With this type, different parts of the face behave differently: the T-zone is characterized by increased secretion of sebum, and the skin on the cheeks, on the contrary, is prone to dryness.


Often, owners of a combination type make the same mistake: they begin to deal with excessive shine, not paying attention to tightened cheeks. They use aggressive cleansers and toners with alcohol, but it only gets worse: the U-zone peels off, and the T-zone begins to produce even more sebum.We recommend doing the opposite: focus on the dry area of ​​the face. For cleansing, choose mild products with a neutral pH without coarse abrasive particles.


The oily and dry zones have different pH balances. The purpose of the toner is to even it out over the entire surface and recreate a hydrolipidic layer that will protect against aggressive environmental factors.The toner must not contain alcohol. Desirable ingredients are vitamins, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and anti-inflammatory agents.

✨Nourishing and moisturizing

For balance and unified balance, you will need 2 creams:* light moisturizing active against blackheads - for the T-zone;* nourishing with moisturizing function - for the U-zone.

Use those skincare tips and have a healthy and glowy skin😍🙌🏻

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