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Our philosophy

Gentle Skin Beauty Bar's philosophy is that we believe SKIN is the best investment in yourself. Healthy and glowing skin is not only beautiful but also your future, where your skin will stay healthy and firm years later. Once you've tried Korean cosmetics, you'll understand what we mean.

We have been testing Korean cosmetics for many years and the result has been proven by ourselves because once you figure out its ritual, your perception of skin care will change. That's what happened to us. Why Korean Cosmetics?

You have probably already seen that the skin of Korean women looks like porcelain (absolutely smooth, shiny, it even seems too beautiful to be true). And that's not because of the layered makeup. Korean women pay special attention to their skin and care.

These are not just expensive creams and brand name creams, but a multi-tiered skin care system that requires the right products. The essence of Korean skin care lies in the special order in which cosmetics are applied:

First you need to cleanse your face in two steps and then apply the products on the principle of the lightest and most fluid textures on the denser ones. In this way, the skin absorbs the active ingredients of the products better and makes them noticeable.

Let's get a little closer to her secret ritual to learn the secrets of her beauty for ourselves. The first phase is double cleaning - a daily procedure that is treated with special attention in South Korea.

To remove makeup, first use an oil-based cleanser - a hydrophilic oil - and then use a water-based product - a face wash for deeper cleansing of the pores.

A high quality cleansing is the best prevention against inflammation of the face. In this way, a favorable environment for bacterial development does not form on the skin surface. The procedure also increases the effectiveness of aftercare.

Regular exfoliation is just as important to Korean women as washing and moisturizing. This phase is necessary to remove dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the epidermis and dull the skin.

Exfoliants should not be done every day, but once or twice a week. The peeling can be mechanical or chemical. Mechanical peels are peels, and foam peels.

The chemical peeling is carried out with products containing acid or retinoids - these substances trigger cell regeneration processes, facilitate pigmentation, balance the micro-relief of the skin and improve the complexion.

Toning is the stage at which you need to restore the skin to its optimal pH balance after cleansing with the help of toners. This helps maintain lipid balance and increases the skin's ability to absorb denser skin care products in subsequent skin care regimens.

After toning, serums, ampoules and essences are used. These are highly concentrated products against wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, dehydration and other specific skin problems.

Moisturizing and nourishing is the final step in Korean grooming. The aim is to create a protective barrier on the skin surface that protects against moisture loss and aggressive environmental factors. Various creams come out at this stage. Most Korean creams are versatile and can be used day or night.

The G Skin Beauty Bar has revealed the secret of Korean beauty and is now helping you to learn this ritual and become the owner of breathtaking, really healthy, well-groomed and radiant skin