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Dry skin care tips

Tipps für trockene Haut

Recently, we figured out how to identify your skin type. So in this post, we will tell you how to take care of your skin if you have dry skin type. The dry type always looks matte, delicate, thin, and feels papery. Dry skin is prone to rapid aging, quickly becomes sensitive and does not retain moisture well.Therefore, it is very important to start special care for this type of skin, the sooner the better, in order to prevent premature aging. Moisturizing is the key to dry skin care.In order to take care of dry skin, we advise you to carry out proper care and follow the rules step by step.

1. For cleansing, choose soft and gentle products. For example, hydrophilic oil, micellar water or soft foam.

2. Use a toner. It will balance the pH and provide dry skin with additional hydration, as well as prepare for subsequent stages of care. However, alcohol toners will dry out the skin even more, be careful.

3. Avoid scrubs with large exfoliating particles, products with retinol and fruit acids.

4. After toner, use a moisturizing serum, and then apply a cream.

5. Buy a good moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid or aloe.

6. Dry skin needs both hydration and nourishment. Get a good nourishing cream with lipids and oils.

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