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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to GSKINBBAR's Beauty Blog

Hello and welcome to our blog!

The title begs the question: is this yet another beauty blog about cosmetic products and routines? The answer is probably irrelevant.

If we consider the fact that a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal, diary-like text entries (posts), one thing is clear:

A blog IS created by its author and is the complete range of knowledge, ideas and preferences on a given topic.

This blog pursues the idea of ​​beauty as it has evolved over the past few centuries and attempts to relate it to the formulation of cosmetics that have helped man come closer to the divine. Aesthetics had the power to elevate a simple thing to divinity, a virtue it never lost over the many years to come. This is why so many deities from India to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome had such attributes that have near endless beauty and sophistication.

The truth is that before there could be beauty products, there had to be the consideration of beauty - there had to be aesthetics, form, light and its opposite, darkness, to distinguish what is beautiful and what is not. There had to be an attraction to beauty and something beautiful to be worshiped - something ugly to be warded off and avoided.

We get our first glimpse of cosmetics in ancient Egypt, where makeup served as a sign of wealth believed to appeal to the gods. The elaborate eyeliner known for Egyptian art appeared as early as 4000 BC. in men and women. They believed that cosmetics would calm and appease angry gods - they believed that looking beautiful would help them approach the gods more easily and save them from punishment.

Cosmetics have been used for thousands of years and still tirelessly serve their purpose: cosmetics "the art of beautifying, anointing, or adorning the human body", from the Latinized form of the Greek kosmetike (tekhnē) "the art of clothing and adornment", from fem. form of  kosmetikos 'gifted in adorning or arranging', from kosmein 'to arrange, adorn', from kosmos 'to arrange; decorate".

So welcome to our Blog where we will inform you about K-Beauty trends and news as well as all topics related to this great chapter in the history of cosmetics.

Korean Cosmetics isn't just a trend, it's a ritual: The goal is clean, healthy skin that glows and boosts our self-confidence. It's right! Korean skin care products and routines are intertwined and the goal is to achieve fresh, naturally glowing and healthy skin with Korean cosmetics!

And be yourself 💗

Evlampia Logou


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