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IsNtree was founded in South Korea in 2010.

The Story of Isntree Skincare The Isntree line was founded by Jinwoo Kim to provide an alternative to the many cosmetic products containing harmful substances that were distributed within Korea. Her bold leap in developing cosmetics with honest labeling and natural, safe and healthy ingredients helped cement her position as an iconic Korean beauty brand. They put their customers at the heart of their business and adapt to the needs and desires of people around the world seeking pure and ethical beauty care. The Isntree name was derived with the image of a clean and pure environment. IS for "Island" - a pure and clean space of the earth, N for "Nature" - the use of pure and raw materials, and T for "Tree" - a strong plant that bears good fruit and grows with consumers. Today, they continue to make products that only contain ingredients that the skin needs, using natural ingredients so their customers can be confident in their purchase.

Honest labeling

100% cruelty-free Korean skincare