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How to choose a moisturizer for winter

During the cold season, our skin requires especially careful treatment. Winter becomes a real test for our skin: cold air, strong winds, temperature changes when you come from outside into a warm room.

In winter, different skin types seem to “go back”: oily skin becomes moderately oily, combination skin becomes dry, and dry skin becomes even drier and more sensitive. Therefore, when you choose winter skincare, subtract “-1” from your type based on the degree of dryness.

So, the most important rule to remember about proper winter skincare is that in winter the cream should have a thicker, denser and richer texture. Obviously, the skin needs to be protected from strong winds and frost, so the texture of the cream should be richer than the one you use in the warm season.

For example, if you have combination skin, then choose a standard cream for dry skin. And if it’s dry, you need to look for a cream with the thickest and richest consistency.

Gskin recommends using Etude Moistful Collagen Cream this winter. it is great for all skin types, intensely moisturizes throughout the day, eliminates dryness and also has anti-aging properties.