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SPF stands for sun protection factor ☀️☀️☀️

The abbreviation SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. These are special substances that absorb ultraviolet radiation and thus protect the skin. Why is the sun dangerous for the skin? In a nutshell - under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the skin ages much faster. How is it expressed? The appearance of signs of aging of the skin: wrinkles, increased pigmentation and, as a result, uneven skin color, dryness, loss of elasticity.

With the first rays of the sun we remember that It would be nice to add an SPF cream to our daily care, but in reality few people use sun protection regularly. Most of the time we take these products with us on vacation and in an urban environment most women neglect sun protection. UVA radiation is always present, regardless of the season, and the rays in this group can also penetrate glass. For these reasons, it is very important to use protection at least from the beginning of spring, even if it seems to you that the sun is not there or it is not bright.