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CP-1 Salon Color Treatment Ash Violet

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Hair damage? We are here for you!

CP-1 Salon Color Treatment Ash Violet is a skin-friendly hair mask that leaves hair healthy and soft while deeply conditioning with its coloring action in a beautiful shade. It does not damage the hair and is particularly suitable for blond hair. With only 15-20 minutes exposure time you already achieve an excellent result.

The Ash Violet shade mask is slightly acidic and does not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, CMIT, MIT, etc. It is light and gentle on your hair, a gentle alternative to toxic and highly stimulating dyes. Enjoy natural, healthy hair with a subtle shade of Ash Violet.

Application: Apply a sufficient amount of the product to previously cleaned hair, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water.

Volume: 50ml