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CP-1 Bright Complex Intense Nourish Shampoo v2.0

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Esthetic House CP-1 Bright Complex Intense Nourish Shampoo v2.0 is suitable for all hair types, especially dry and damaged hair. Perfectly cleanses the hair of impurities without losing volume. The hair becomes smoother, more elastic and shiny. The shampoo works at the cellular level, regenerates damaged hair from the inside, envelops it and protects it from aggressive environmental influences. The hair not only looks better on the outside, but even starts to regenerate from the inside.

Main ingredients:

• Proteins moisturize and strengthen hair, giving it elasticity, shine and volume. They restore the hair shaft from within and give hair a healthy look.

• Jojoba oil perfectly cleanses the scalp, regenerates damaged hair and envelops it with the thinnest film that protects it from external influences.• Coconut oil nourishes and moisturizes the hair, maintains an optimal balance and protects against negative influences such as sun and sea water.

• Camellia oil moisturizes the scalp, deeply nourishes the hair follicles and adds shine to the hair. Effectively fights dandruff.

• Betaine makes the hair look well-groomed and gives strength and shine.• Panthenol protects the hair from environmental influences, envelops it but does not weigh it down. Nourishes the hair leaving it soft and silky.

• Rice proteins saturate hair with moisture, preventing dehydration. They have a regenerating effect on damaged areas of hair and prevent the formation of split ends.

Volume: 100ml