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Clear Spot Patch 18 Patches

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acne spot patch
akne pflaster
  • Description
  • The application
  • Our By Mi acne patches are invisible helpers in the treatment of acne and inflammation.

    Results achieved by the patches for acne:

    - Relieve inflammation and redness

    - Pull pathogenic microflora out of the pores

    - Soothe the skin and prevent scars

    The patches are suitable for quick treatment of acne. They are practically invisible on the skin, but very effective!

    The package contains 18 transparent round plasters in two sizes: 10 mm and 12 mm diameter. Suitable for use at any time of the day. They help to combat teenage acne as well as acne that occurs at any age.

  • Clean the skin, dry the inflammation. Stick the patch and leave it on for a day.

Volume: 18pcs

acne spot patch
akne pflaster