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Mask Set

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This set consists of 12 best Korean face masks.

Using them for a month, your skin will become shiny, nourished, toned, fresh andamazingly healthy. This set is specially designed for skin that needs enhancedcare.

Ideal also as a gift set!

The set consists of

 1. The Face Shop Real NatureGreen Tea Face Mask. This mask has a stimulating,anti-inflammatory effect. Green tea improves the stability of bloodcapillaries, acts as an antioxidant, intensively nourishes and moisturizes theskin, improves the structure of the epidermis and strengthens skin tone,cleanses pores, eliminates dryness and prevents the aging process.
2. The Face Shop Real NatureRice Face Mask. The mask contains rice extract, which removes deadcells, evens and improve skin. The special formula has an antioxidanteffect and protects from sunlight, actively prevents premature skin aging,reduces injury to collagen fibers, enhances metabolic processes in cells andfacilitates exfoliation. Rice extract is one of the most effective naturalremedies for fighting pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
3. Etude House Hyaluronic AcidMask. Hyaluronic acid is a unique element necessary for maintaining the beautyand youthfulness of the skin. It forms the thinnest, but very strongprotective layer over the skin, enhancing its natural resistance toany aggressive factors from the outside, maintains the level of moisture in thecells, fills age and mimic wrinkles, smoothing them, restores dry skin, makingit tender and soft, heals damaged areas and skars.It is also used to treat acne and pimples in the shortestpossible time.
4. The Face Shop RealNature Lingzhi Face Mask. This maskcontains lingzhi mushroom extract, which is called the "Mushroomof Immortality", it contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins C andD, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Therefore, this mask has an anti-inflammatory,antiviral, anti-allergic and tonic effect.
5. The Face Shop Real NatureBamboo Facial Mask. Bamboo is a symbol of eternal youth and thepersonification of vitality. This mask contributes to the retention of moisturein the skin and the revival of its cells, makes the skin more elastic, healsdamage and rejuvenates.
6. Etude House SnailFace Mask. Snail mucin extract is a powerful antioxidant that protectscells from destruction and premature aging, strengthens capillary walls,rejuvenates and tightens the skin. It has a unique ability to visually smoothwrinkles, as if filling them from the inside, and soften the lines of skincreases.
7. The Face Shop Real NatureHoney Face Mask. The moisturizing mask contains 1150 mg of pure honey. Honeypenetrates deep into the pores, nourishing and preventing the evaporation ofmoisture. Honey mask well moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin, eliminatesredness and irritation, has a regenerating and exfoliating effect. The maskgives the skin softness and promotes exfoliation of dead cells, so that theskin acquires a fresh, even tone.
8. Etude House StrawberryFace Mask. Moisturizing mask with strawberry extract (2,500 mg) has anactive brightening, renewing, toning and healing effect. Strawberry extractcontains a large amount of fruit acids that gently and imperceptibly exfoliateskin cells, as well as vitamin C, which is directly involved in the processesof nutrition and regeneration. Moreover, the mask haspowerful antioxidantproperties and slows down the aging process.
9. Etude House Damask Rose FaceMask is perfect for dry, tired skin. The main active component of the producthas a pronounced anti-aging effect, stimulates cell regeneration and restores afresh look to the skin of the face. Actively moisturizes the skin of the face,increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin, smoothest thesurface and evens out the tone of the skin.
10. Etude House Cherry BlossomFace Mask .This mask soothes, effectively reduces irritation,brightens the skin and evens out its color. It also has firming, moisturizingproperties and restores the hydro-lipid layer of the skin.
11. The Face Shop Real NatureLotus Face Mask. Lotus extract has a calming effect, strengthens skincells, and contains vitamin C. The mask has an anti-inflammatory effect,improves blood circulation, stimulates the activity of skin cells, slows downthe aging process, prevents the formation of wrinkles and makes the skin smoothand elastic. The mask provides nutrition and hydration to the skin, restoresits protective functions, activates metabolic processes, moisturizes the skin,normalizes its hydro-lipid balance, and activates renewal processes.
12. The Face Shop Real NatureCucumber Face Mask. The composition of the mask is saturated with minerals andsalts, which affect cellular metabolism and thereby eliminate fatigue andswelling. Due to cucumber and the principle of action of the mask,the skin becomes more hydrated, the tone of the face is evened out andimproved, the pores are narrowed and the skin becomes dull. Antioxidantproperties, coumarin, vitamins C and E protect the skin, relieve irritation and prevent dryness.