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Mask Set

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This set consists of 12 best Korean face masks.

Using them for a month, your skin will become shiny, nourished, toned, fresh andamazingly healthy. This set is specially designed for skin that needs enhancedcare.

Ideal also as a gift set!

The set consists of


1.THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Face Mask with Honey feels very soothing on the face and has a gliding cool sensation that brings great relief to stressed skin.The moisturizing and radiant sheet mask with serum and honey extract, made using the natural pressing and extraction process, moisturizes and illuminates dry, flaky skin.

2. ETUDE HOUSE 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask Damask Rose is a 0.2mm thin mask that illuminates dull and tired looking skin while locking in moisture for a long time. It is light on the skin and allows it to breathe comfortably.

3. THE FACE SHOP Real Natural Green Tea Face Mask. Infused with a clear green tea serum, the mask sheet calms, refreshes and revitalizes skin irritated by environmental stressors. The formula is without added parabens. This mask has a stimulating, anti-inflammatory effect.

4. FRUDIA Pomegranate sheet mask. A nourishing sheet mask based on pomegranate extract, which actively nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face, promotes its regeneration, increases tissue elasticity and firmness, evens skin relief and eliminates wrinkles, and thanks to the natural fruit oils included in the composition, fully saturates the skin with beneficial nutrients.

5. ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Water Mask is an ultra-thin gel mask for deep moisturizing of the skin. Instantly restores the optimal level of hydration, eliminates dryness and peeling, prevents the appearance of feelings of tightness and dehydration. It tones, increases skin elasticity and restores a healthy glow.

6. FRUDIA Royal Berry Dragons Beard Candy Mask- An ultra-hydrating mask made from innovative microfiber that adheres most closely to the skin for a firming and firming effect. Contains royal jelly and a complex of wild berry extracts rich in amino acids and vitamins. Instantly moisturizes, softens, smoothes and protects the skin.

7. THE FACE SHOP Real Nature face mask with cucumber extract. The composition of the mask is saturated with minerals and salts that affect cellular metabolism, thereby eliminating fatigue and swelling.

8. THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Lingzhi Face Mask. This mask contains Lingzhi mushroom extract, which is called "mushroom of immortality", it contains all essential amino acids, vitamins C and D, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

9. THE FACE SHOP Real Nature face mask with rice extract. Enriched with Rice Extract, Face Shop's brand new Real Nature Rice Face Mask is here to transform your skin! The rich extracts help reduce the appearance of age spots and illuminate the skin while preserving its translucency. A mask we absolutely swear by.

10. THE FACE SHOP Real Nature face mask with aloe. Hydrate and soothe your skin with this sheet mask that features aloe extract made using a natural mill-extraction process and then blended with water-based moisturizing ingredients.

11. THE FACE SHOP Real Nature sheet mask with shea butter. Women have used shea butter for centuries to intensely nourish dry skin and hair. Discover the benefits of shea butter with our new THE FACE SHOP Real Nature face mask with shea butter extract.

12. FARM STAY Visible Difference Birds Nest Aqua Mask Pack is a day mask with Swallow's Nest extract that effectively moisturizes and firms your skin without getting sticky.

13. OMG! Cosmetic hair band. A practical and beautiful accessory that perfectly protects the hair from cleansing and moisturizing creams and masks during facial care. Made of fluffy soft and hypoallergenic synthetic terry cloth.