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Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is the new trend. This is a trend for healthy skin that shines not with makeup, but with inner health.

At any time of the year, the skin can quickly become dull, lose its radiance and luster. The reasons can be very different: for example, aggressive environmental influences, fatigue or lifestyle.

Why does our skin lose its glow, and most importantly, how to restore it as quickly as possible?

The natural glow of the skin fades with age. Sunlight or environmental pollution - as sources of oxidative stress - contribute to the excessive formation of free radicals. They reduce the shine of the skin (especially mature) and accelerate the aging process. An unhealthy lifestyle can also cause a dull complexion.

How to achieve the effect of glow skin?

Radiant skin has the ability to reflect natural light, which is why the effect of radiance appears. How to return it quickly?

Nutrition is the basis for a healthy body and skin. Eating too fatty, sweet and salty foods with not enough water makes the complexion dull and deprives it of radiance.

When you have already adjusted your diet, skincare comes into play. Gskin beauty bar advises 2 basic rules to achieve glow skin:

1. The first step to maintaining a beautiful complexion is a thorough cleansing in the morning and evening. Cleansing with good products helps get rid of impurities that appear from sweat, dust, makeup.

2. After cleansing, it is important to apply an effective cream with active ingredients to the face in the morning and evening for beauty and glow of the skin.

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