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Skincare tips for autumn

Pflegetipps für den Herbst

The change of seasons always requires adjustments in skin care, because the skin has to adapt to the changing environment. Here are some typical autumn skin problems:

❗️Dryness caused by dehydration and impaired barrier functions; 

❗️Thickening of the horny layer (means dullness and roughness), especially if you sunbathe diligently in summer;

❗️Hyperpigmentation - another consequence of exposure to the sun; 

❗️increased sensitivity, skin reaction to lower temperatures and dry autumn air;

❗️Redness - the reaction of blood vessels to cold temperatures. How do you take care of your skin after the summer? The general direction of the fall beauty routine is to create the most comfortable conditions at all stages of facial care💖


Choose the gentlest cleansing method for your skin type (foam, cream-gel, cream, cleansing oil or balm).

Hydration and moisturizing

In the fall, it is better to postpone light "water" moisturizers (gels, liquids) until better times and switch to products with a richer (but not heavy) texture.

It's time for creams and serums with hyluaronic acid.Sun protection Sun protection is relevant all year round, even in cloudy weather, especially on sunny days in early autumn.

And most importantly, if your skin is pigmented, it must be protected at all times of the year with products with filters of at least SPF 50. Enjoy beautiful autumn days and take care of your skin 🍂🧡

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