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Hanbang is cosmetics based on traditional oriental medicinal herbs and ancient recipes. It uses medicinal ingredients and formulations traditional for Korean and Chinese medicine.
The main components of such products are: ginseng root, peony root, gold, pearls, licorice root, birch sap, chaga, angelica root, etc.

Fermented cosmetics can also be attributed to the same segment - these are products based on traditional Asian herbs that have undergone a long fermentation process.

This cosmetics are distinguished by luxurious designs, mainly in Asian style, herbal fragrances and effective formulations.

By itself, cosmetics are well suited for owners of allergenic skin. This cosmetics is high-tech, as it includes brands based on the latest technologies and developments in the field of cosmetology and biochemistry.

They use cutting-edge ingredients and formulas: retinol, peptides, cellular
technology and so on.

These products have light textures, stylish European packaging design, amazing aromas and effective formulations.

Have you already tried hanbang skincare products?

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