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Skin barrier

Have you become the owner of sensitive, irritated and flaky skin and do not know how to bring it back to normal? If you have a good skincare routine but its condition is not getting better, most likely the cause of these problems is damaged skin barrier.

What is the epidermal skin barrier?

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It consists of a kind of "bricks" - corneocytes. Ceramides, lipids and free fatty acids fasten the “bricks-corneocytes” together. If the balance of ceramides, lipids and fatty acids is not disturbed, and they are present in sufficient quantities, then everything with the skin is normal. Initially, if you do not suffer #from skin diseases like dermatitis, the balance of these substances in the skin self-regulates, and it feels comfortable. However, without knowing it, we often harm our skin.

The reasons for the damaged skin barrier are often commonplace:

•the use of aggressive products for cleansing the skin;
•the use of hard scrubs and chemical detergents;
•insufficient protection of the skin from exposure to the sun and wind;
•stress and malnutrition.

The skin, the epidermal barrier of which is damaged, becomes permeable not only to water, but also to pathogenic bacteria and toxins. The skin becomes sensitive, and the higher the water permeability of the skin, the deeper microbes and toxins penetrate into it, which cause inflammation in the skin and stimulate the formation of free radicals in the skin. The skin flakes, turns red, rashes, pimples, irritations appear.

Seeing such a bad skin condition, we begin to use more and more aggressive products, including chemical peels and scrubs, to rejuvenate skin that is already bad. As a result, already damaged and literally “unprotected” skin becomes even worse!

What to do? Soon Gskin will share the secrets of how to restore your skin barter

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