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Korean Cosmetics: The Application

Korean Skin Care: Das Geheimnis der koreanischen Kosmetik

Korean Skin Care: This is the beauty secretWhat is unique about Korean skincare?

Gentle Skin Beauty Bar found out the secret of Korean beauty and now we will help you understand this ritual.

The essence of Korean skin care lies in the special order of applying cosmetics: first you need to cleanse your face in two steps, and then apply the products on the principle from the lightest and most liquid textures to the denser ones. The skin absorbs the active ingredients of the products better and leaves a noticeable effect.

The first beauty tip is to make your skincare routine a daily routine. Take a break from hectic everyday life and do something good for yourself. It takes no more than 10 minutes and its effects can be seen in your glowing skin and increased self-confidence.

Have you ever heard of double cleansing? This is a K-Beauty secret for efficiently and thoroughly cleansing your skin. It's not just about washing your face. It's about changing what you wash it with for a deeper clean.

If you're not sure what we're going on about, double cleansing involves removing your make-up, SPF, and excess sebum on the surface of your skin first before employing a more hardworking cleanser to promote glow, moisture and clarity.


First, use an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. This will help remove makeup as well as sunscreen. Oils, balms and micellar waters are some of the best formulas to break down heavy makeup (including waterproof mascara) and SPF.

Once you've removed the surface dirt, use a foaming cleanser to nourish and restore your skin's balance. Take at least a minute to perform a water-based cleanse to ensure you get the full benefits of your cleanser and its ingredients.

In order for the gentle acids and moisturizing ingredients to work their MAGIC on your skin, you should give your face a freshly cleansed and product-free peel. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells by breaking the bonds holding them together, allowing new cells to surface and giving your daily glow an instant boost. Exfoliating also removes dirt and residue deep in your pores that your cleanser may have missed.

Depending on its composition, a toner can mattify the skin, moisturize it, soothe sensitive skin or provide mature skin with anti-aging ingredients. The skin is moistened by the facial tonic and can better absorb care products that you then apply over serums and creams. It tightens the skin, nourishes it and makes it plump and healthy.

Serum, Ampoule, Essence. Now it's time to hydrate the face, transforming those unwanted skin conditions for the better. This can be, for example, dryness, irritation, wrinkles, an uneven complexion, tiredness and so on. While normal creams only work on the skin's surface, serums, on the other hand, can penetrate deeper into the skin and do a lot there. active ingredients and acid such as AHA; BHA and PHA can now penetrate the skin.

Treatment. Activated charcoal masks, are considered a silver bullet against clogged pores and blackheads. This is the next step in your K-Beauty beauty routine that you should do 2-3 times a week and is great for blackheads, pimples, acne, clogged pores and oily skin.

Now is the time to tackle your eye area. Care for the eye area early on with hyaluronic acid gels or special anti-aging creams for the eyes.
Eye patches and eye creams

One reason sheet masks (aka cloth masks) are so amazing is that they seal your skin. Moisture and vitamins cannot escape! Your skin cells can absorb almost all nourishing ingredients. Korean face masks are the gateway to the world of Korean beauty and skin care. Affordable mini facials, sheet masks deliver intense hydration, softness, and brightening effects to skin in under half an hour! Sheet masks can vary in features, materials, and ingredients.

Moisturizers. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, the moisturizer is an excellent product to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. Moisturizers can help keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. As we age, the sebum glands that keep skin healthy lose their power, causing them to produce fewer oils. Daily moisturizing means the glands don't have to work as hard to keep your skin healthy for a lifetime.

In Korea, sun protection is part of the daily skin care routine. Without protection, the dangerous UV rays can easily penetrate the skin and cause skin diseases. Sun protection is therefore essential. Due to the fairly high sun protection factor (SPF), a small amount is often enough.

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