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🍁🍁🍁 How to care of your skin in autumn 🍁🍁🍁

Gesichtspflege im Herbst

🍁In the autumn season our skin needs special care. At this time, it is better to choose moisturising and nourishing products, as the cold weather makes the skin more prone to sensitivity and dryness.

What to pay special attention to:

🔸Skin cleansing. In autumn, our sebaceous glands do not work as actively as in summer. Therefore, the use of too harsh cleaning agents is not recommended. Better to switch to a milder cleanse that doesn't strip your skin of moisture: creamy or oily cleansing products. They will protect the skin from drying out and help retain moisture in the skin (➡️swipe left to see which products we recommend)

🔸Toners. Do not forget to use a facial toner as the final step in cleansing your skin: it will completely cleanse the skin of cosmetics residues, dirt and sebum. In the autumn, it is better to abandon alcohol-containing products that dry out the skin and focus on moisturizing and nourishing toners (➡️swipe left to see which products we recommend)

🔸Moisturizing. Skin nutrition and restoration in the fall is very important. To moisturize the skin in cold weather, it is important to use serums for the face - they penetrate deep into the epidermis, moisturize and double the effect of the next stage - the cream. As for the choice of cream, we recommend choosing more nourishing and moisturizing products in the fall. They will create a powerful barrier that will prevent moisture loss in the skin (➡️swipe left to see which products we recommend).

Use these tips for the autumn season 🍂 and take care of your skin 🥰

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