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How to combine active ingredients AHA/BHA Acids

Wie man Wirkstoffe kombiniert AHA/BHA
AHA / BHA acids confidently entered the skincare market many years ago and to this day are the top ingredients in cosmetology, their effectiveness at the right concentrations is beyond question - they help exfoliate dead cells, clean the sebaceous ducts, making the skin supple and radiant.

❌Bad combinations

1.AHA/BHA+ alkaline pH

AHA/BHA acid products love acidic water environments, so it's a bad idea to combine them with ingredients that break down in acid.

2.AHA/BHA + Essential Oils
Essential oils act as natural conduction enhancers for active substances. To avoid uneven conduction of acids into the skin and reduce the risk of allergies and redness, it is better to refrain from using them together.

✅Good combinations

1.AHA/BHA + hyaluronic acid/ceramides

2.BHA + niacinamide

⁉️Controversial combination

1. AHA/BHA + Vitamin C

In fact, the combination of two strong ingredients is effective, but not completely safe for the skin. Therefore, if you have dense skin with a good protective barrier, it is allowed to use acids together with vitamin C, however, in case of an undesirable reaction, active burning, irritation, it is necessary to separate the components by day / week / course.

Do you use AHA/BHA acids correctly?💕

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