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Centella Asiatica (CICA)

Centella Asiatica

🍀 Centella Asiatica has occupied a special place in Korean cosmetics. In South Korea there is now a real boom in products with this miracle extract. Why is Cica so popular and what are its benefits?

Products with this extract are good for damaged skin. Cica reduces inflammation, soothes, heals small wounds, fights acne, scars and skin aging. Dermatologists recommend Centella cosmetics for burns, dryness and a feeling of tightness, after peelings and laser treatments.

Properties of Centella asiatica

* Contains a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the skin's natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid;

* Actively fights aging, including photoaging;

* Reduces the activity of pathogenic bacteria and heals the epidermis, fights scars and post-acne;

* Smoothes wrinkles, relieves dryness and dandruff;

* Refreshes the skin. It has a slightly whitening effect, reduces the severity of age spots;

* Improves blood circulation, fights dullness, improves complexion; * Helps with rosacea.

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