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❤️We want to share with you a selection of powerful ingredients that will definitely keep your skin forever young.

Let’s start with afew anti-aging skin care hacks:

1. The main thing is hydration. The higher the level of moisture in the dermis, the less noticeable wrinkles - this is a well-known fact.

2. SPF - not only in summer. Use creams with a high SPF level and remember to apply them even in rainy or cloudy weather.

3. Use a cream with retinoids. Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A. These components minimize the visibility of age spots and the severity of wrinkles, and also prevent the appearance of new ones.

Here is the list of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients in Korean cosmetics:

•Snail mucin is one of the most popular anti-aging ingredients. Products with snail mucin even out the tone, help lighten age spots, restore damaged areas of the epidermis, and, of course, snail mucin fights against premature fading, improving elasticity and eliminating wrinkles.

•Hyaluronic acid is the main source of hydration, and hence youth. This is a natural component that is produced by our body and is part of the connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid binds and retains moisture particles, maintaining normal hydrobalance. Thanks to the work of this component, skin recovery processes are accelerated, and wrinkles are smoothed out.

•Collagen is a connective protein that is responsible for skin elasticity. With age, the natural production of collagen decreases, so the dermis recovers more slowly, the oval of the face changes, wrinkles appear.

•Aloe is one of the most popular ingredients in Korean skin care products and is great for age-related changes. In the composition of aloe vera, you can find more than 150 useful substances - these are vitamins, enzymes, phytoncides, macro- and microelements. Cosmetics with a high content of aloe soothe the dermis and even heal burns. This component is absolutely hypoallergenic. A product with aloe will become a lifesaver for owners of any skin type. And due to the powerful moisturizing effect, the severity of wrinkles will decrease, and the dermis will become more toned and elastic.

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