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Warum braucht man eine Schlafmaske?

🌙 Night is a great time for beauty treatments. Finally, sleep masks work intensely throughout the night while you sleep, improving your skin.Everyone knows that active renewal of skin cells takes place at night. With the mask you can make this process even more productive. It not only provides the skin with intensive moisture, but also promotes its regeneration and restoration. As a result, the face looks fresh, smooth and rested in the morning.

Benefits of Sleep Masks:

✨Lightning effect. Just one night and your skin will be transformed, and with regular use, positive changes will be even more noticeable.

✨Multifunctional. Although there are different types of night masks, most of them work in several directions at once and help solve various skin problems.

✨The ability to enhance the effects of other skin care products. Applying serum or toner under the sleep mask will work much more effectively than alone.Proper use of night masks: The sleep mask should be applied to clean skin 30-60 minutes before bedtime. At the same time, it is very important to carefully remove makeup, wash your face and wipe with toner. Some sleep masks require the additional use of serum or essence. In this case, the mask will be placed over the indicated products. Applying the sleeping mask should be done along the massage lines and be accompanied by light movements. The mask does not have to be rubbed into the skin, but absorbed. For the same reason, it is not recommended to apply the product too thickly, otherwise it may remain completely on your pillow. In the morning after applying the mask, it is enough to wash your face with gel or foam. Use your usual skin care routine.Use sleeping masks no more than 3 times a week if you have dry skin and 1-2 times if you have oily skin.

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