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Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Beauty begins with proper skincare. And 🍊Vitamin C is one of the main sources of youth and freshness. Why?

Vitamin C Properties

Let's start with the fact that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that blocks the action of free radicals that trigger the processes of oxidation and aging. In addition, the component regulates and stimulates the independent production of collagen, so that the elasticity and smoothness of your skin is precisely ensured.

Also vitamin c:

⚡️protects the walls of blood vessels and reduces their fragility;
⚡️evens out tone and improves complexion;
⚡️protects from ultraviolet radiation;
⚡️strengthens immunity;
⚡️regulates pH balance;
⚡️perfectly moisturizes;
⚡️brightens traces of post-acne and age spots;
⚡️improves skin structure;
⚡️refreshes and creates the effect of natural radiance.

GSkin advice:

1. Products with vitamin C are best applied in the morning, so their effect on the skin will be even more effective. This will increase the antioxidant activity of the skin and help you glow all day long. Also, we strongly recommend to use SPF after vitamin C, it will save the skin from premature fading and photoaging, protecting it from ultraviolet rays and other negative environmental factors.

2. Vitamin C products can be safely used every day. You will quickly notice that your dermis looks better, and your complexion is rich and even.

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