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Acne Treatment

What remains on the skin after you get rid of acne? Red or brown spots that do not disappear for 6-8 months persist if the epidermis is not restored in any way. These are called post acne marks.

Fortunately, Gskin Beauty Bar knows how to get out of such situations. What components in cosmetics can help you to get rid of post acne:

• Acid products. These can be Toners, serums and creams, AHA, BHA acids, each of which is responsible for its renewal, removal of inflammation and irritation.

• Skincare products with a snail component. Snail mucin heals well deep scars, which are often found after acne.

The whole list of ingredients that you should pay attention to in cosmetics for the treatment of post-acne: vitamin C, niacinamide, AHA, BHA acids, snail mucin, arbutin, propolis.

Enjoy your healthy and beautiful skin 💓

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