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What is double-cleansing?

Was ist Doppelreinigung?
Why is it necessary to cleanse the skin in two stages?

Cleansing is the basis of all further skin care. An unquestioning rule: it is impossible to apply serum, cream and other products on dirty skin! Firstly, the composition will not be able to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and dermis, so the benefits of care will decrease significantly. And secondly, the product will mix with the remnants of pollution and clog the pores. As a result, you will get only black dots and pimples from your favorite cream.

Therefore, the Korean care system provides for a two-stage skin cleansing. By the way, this approach is shared by all world cosmetologists.

Step 1. Makeup removal
At the first stage, it is necessary to remove decorative cosmetics from the face. Ordinary foams and gels cannot cope with makeup removal: they are simply not designed for this! Dissolve silicones and other heavy particles of foundation, powder, shadows, and mascara only with oil-based products - removers and hydrophilic oils.
Hydrophilic oils are the most popular among Korean beauties. The products are applied to a dry face and literally dissolve makeup, pushing decorative cosmetics to the surface. After cleansing with hydrophilic oil, the only thing left to do is wash off with foam or gel, which act at the next stage of cleansing.

Hydrophilic oils also have the ability to absorb sebum. Therefore, owners of oily skin with wide pores will definitely be delighted with the product! The oil perfectly removes sebaceous plugs, cleanses pores from black dots and gives an instant matting effect.

Step 2. Water cleanse
When you have dissolved all the makeup, you need to wash off the remnants of makeup and street pollution with a water-based product. To do this, you need the usual foam or gel.

Many modern manufacturers add care components to foams and gels. Therefore, cleansing smoothly turns into full-fledged skin care and performs a lot of useful functions. #skincaretips #hautpflegetipps #doublecleansing #kbeautyswitzerland #onlineshopping

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