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AC Cure Cover Patch Blemish Care

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The waterproof hydrocolloid acne patch absorbs exudate from the wound and protects the area from secondary infections and external pollutants.

Vegan Spot Patch? Here's what you're looking for!


The waterproof hydrocolloid dressing absorbs exudate from the wound to maintain a moist environment while protecting the area from secondary infection and external pollutants. It has a thick center that absorbs exudate and a thin rim that makes it unnoticeable and stays on the skin for a long time.

What makes it special? Comes in useful sizes: 12mm (12 pieces) and 10mm (18 pieces) on each sheet.

Vegan certified (V-Label approved by the European Vegetarian Union). For All Ages: Even children can use. You can apply your skin care products over these acne patches as our thin patch sticks firmly without coming off.

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Volume: 18pcs of 10mm & 12pcs of 12 = 30pcs